Matching Vetted Solutions To Critical Needs In Real Time

When disaster strikes, every second counts. Emergency response teams are increasingly trying to develop mitigation plans to minimize response time and damage caused by both natural and man-made disasters. Truvi helps you clarify your needs based on the emergency, and find best fit, proven solutions and partners. 

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Seconds to Find Solutions | Zero Integrations | Maximum Impact


Find Best-Fit Solutions

Emergency needs are rising worldwide and it is becoming harder to decipher which solutions exist and which can truly serve each critical need.  
Truvi's platform helps you clarify needs and find best-fit solutions in a matter of seconds.

Our database includes past events, case studies, expert knowledge, reviews, research, and inter-organizational data, helping you make smart, timely, impact and cost-effective choices.


Improve ROI and Impact

Emergency response and recovery costs significantly rise year-by-year.
Truvi ensures flexibility, enhanced impact and cost-efficiency by exposing you to best practices and cutting-edge technologies, specifically relevant to you. 

Truvi takes into consideration all relevant aspects of the solution, including logistics, installation, training and maintenance, helping you maximize ROI and impact.


Prepare for the Next Crisis

In 2020, emergency response systems are still designed to wait for disasters to hit before allocating resources, instead of preparing for the next event and mitigate risk.

Truvi helps you think beyond the immediate life-threatening needs and build self-reliance, so when disaster strikes, the knowledge and resources needed to handle the situation and prevent crises from taking hold, are already in your hands.

How It Works

We bring various technological tools to optimize your emergency response and help you better prepare for future events.


Big Data Analysis

Truvi automatically collects, converts and standardizes data into an updated comprehensive database of providers, events, projects, organizations and solutions in various related categories.


AI-Based Machine System

Truvi combines smart algorithm into solution finding processes, improving the ability of relevant stakeholders to clarify their actual needs and find reliable, vetted solutions.


Lessons Learned Captruing

Truvi captures, verifies and collaborates lessons learned from past events, based on the principle of mutual advantage and productive relationships.


Community Wisdom

Truvi allows users to tap into a global ecosystem of governments, communities, NGOs, technology companies and financiers, and engage on needs, solutions and impact.