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Promote Your Solution

In times of emergency, your future customers need to make quick buying decisions, while filtering misinformation and irrelevant data.

Make sure your solution is listed, vetted and that all relevant information is readily available for your potential customer as they are researching solutions on Truvi.

Build Trust & Credibility

Trust is one of the most important aspects when choosing products and services during an emergency, while lives are at stake.

Utilize vetted case studies, past projects and user reviews to gain credibility and make sure potential customers feel confident when choosing your solution.

Connect With Prospects

The Truvi AI-based matching system understands solution seekers' real needs and matches them with best fit solutions in real time.

If your solution is the right fit, we'll inform you about potential matches so you can make an offer. 

Make sure you don't miss an opportunity that was matched to your specific solution.