Ensure Effective Outcome-Based Financing

When tackling emergencies and trying to enhance resilience, response and recovery, better utilization of finance will dictate the outcome. 

Nonetheless, lack of access to reliable data, bad practices and corruption mean that funding is often wasted on wrong solutions, preventing desired results.

With Truvi, financiers can make the money go further by reducing the cost of solutions and expediting response, ensuring that every dollar is spent on the most efficient and effective solution. 

Image by Hanna Morris

Improve ROI & Predictability of Funding

Truvi enables operational agencies shift funding towards results, rather than activities, by helping them choose cost-effective solutions as events evolve. 

Our reporting system enables financiers to rationalise these costs, compare outcomes and measure impact. 

Discover Needs In Real Time

Truvi informs you on events and emerging needs in real time, helping you support the causes you care about.  

Our real time database allows donors and partners to engage and allocate financing to projects once the needs are clarified, the budget is defined and the expected outcome is known.

Ensure Transparency & Accountability

Truvi combines information on vetted suppliers and solutions together with lessons learned from past events, enabling a better match between needs and solutions.

With Truvi, funded entities can improve performance and increase accountability, making sure the choice of solution is clean, clear and optimal.