Truvi Maximizes Emergency Response Efficiency & Effectiveness

In 2020, governments, communities and organizations are unable to truly build resilience and understand what solutions exist for an emergency, what fits their specific needs or is most cost effective. Every moment spent sifting through ineffective solutions is a life lost. Truvi is here to help. 

The Problem


Over the past ten years, the number of people affected by natural and man-made disasters has almost doubled, and the expenditure on emergency and disaster management has more than tripled.

COVID-19 exposed painful weaknesses in the fabric of our response systems and emphasized the importance of efficient procurement during an emergency.


In moments of crisis, governments, communities and NGOs lack a quick and reliable way to find vetted solutions for their emergency. They have little ability to learn from past events, optimize response or build preparedness for the next crisis.


Our Vision 


Our vision is to optimize emergency response and help decision makers choose effective and efficient solutions while saving time and resources.

We envision a world where the knowledge and resources to mitigate risk, prepare for next events and strengthen resilience and response capacity are available to all.

Our Solution


Truvi's smart data platform harnesses data from various sources and events and provides actionable, predictive, evidence-based matching of emerging needs to solutions in real time.

We enable decision makers to focus efforts on meaningful solutions, partnerships, implementation and impact – saving time, lives and resources.