Improve your impact on the missions that matter most

Truvi's unique AI enables first responders, aid organizations and municipalities to find the best solutions for disaster preparedness, resiliency and response in real time

Our global impact decision support platform harnesses  knowledge and experience to activate predictive capabilities and match needs with actionable, relevant and available solutions. Optimizing impact, saving lives, time and reducing cost.

Truvi strengthens preparedness, resiliency and response

Allowing first responders, states, municipalities and aid organizations to always be  ready to make the best impact

find solutions that increase  preparation and resiliency from the state to municipal & community levels
Data on solutions & services helps mitigation activity by matching risk factors with real prevention tools
Get updates on emerging needs. Quickly find, request & deliver solutions that match site & needs
support ever changing & updated recovery needs while enabling impact by the community itself

The smartest and easiest way to make an impact 

Truvi's intuitive system enables anyone from executives to field workers and communities to find what they need

For Organizations and Communities

A customized platform to strengthen your preparedness, organizational learning and ability to respond in real time. Based on the largest  array of solutions, services and past projects.  Truvi's AI matches your needs to relevant solutions and keeps you updated at all times about innovation, 

For Financiers and Foundations


Truvi's comprehensive, and reliable database of solutions enables fact-based financing decisions about systems, projects and technologies.  Truvi enables financiers to explore options in real time, compare and validate possibilities while assessing actual short and long-term cost.

For Suppliers and Innovators


Truvi created the largest directory of impact-related companies. solutions and services. Providing traditional and new aid-related suppliers one platform in which to showcase their solutions and generate insights about field needs. Truvi improves access to tenders and RFPs.

Disocver Truvi

Truvi Superpowers

Breaking down barriers and presenting your personalized world of solutions

Find the solution you need

With the most comprehensive real-time database of impact-relevant solutions and services from past projects

Organizational Learning

Grow your inner and inter-organizational learning and cooperation with real data on the solutions you used

Innovate, Reduce, Reuse

Reduce unnecessary and ill-fitting procurement while driving innovation and the reuse and recycling of items

Empowering you

You have direct, free access to find the best-fitting solutions, while converting your past data to a funding engine 

Step 1

Step 2

Describe your needs in real time

You now have access to the largest global directory of solutions, services, suppliers and innovation.  Truvi's AI-based  system will guide you through an easy step-by-step process to analyze your need, clarify its characteristics, and refine the options for generating the best possible preparedness, response & impact.

Step 3

Find the right solution for your community

Truvi's leverages data and past projects to provide you with all the  available solutions in an intuitive manner, so you can make the best, cost-efficient and impact-efficient decision in real time. We provide you with early predictive information on possible threats, needs and their best matching solutions either in preparation to what may come or in response.

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Bringing impact to the 21st century.

Truvi is disrupting and decentralizing aid in order to empower those who wish to make real impact with the right solutions to do so.

Preparedness and response made easier

Leverage past projects and data to create your customized platform of solutions and services that is dedicated to your mission. Strengthen your organization's and community's resiliency, ability to respond and cooperation with real data on the solutions that best match your current and future needs.

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